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Landscape Lighting: Benefits and How To’s for Metro Detroit Homeowners

Landscape Lighting

What do art supplies, tools, and the best outdoor lights have in common? None of them can reach their full potential unless you know how they work and how to use them.

We can’t speak for art and tools, but we’re the experts in the best outdoor lights and how to use them in your landscape lighting. It’s not just a matter of placing pretty fixtures outside your home and hoping for the best. There’s a bit of strategy involved, and this guide shows you how you can use landscape lighting in your Metro Detroit home.

The Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting can offer so much more than illumination. Consider the benefits it can bring to your Detroit home:

Visual Appeal

Landscape lighting can be used strategically to accent the best features of your home. Whether it’s a garden, a statue, or a favorite tree, your lighting’s shade and angle can help these items stand out in the best possible way.


Lighting can offer safety and security benefits. Light up any walkways or dark corners of your property so that people and pets can feel safe. As an added bonus, your insurance company might offer you a discount if you have exterior security lighting.

Home Value

Landscape lighting highlights your home’s best features, increasing its overall appeal and value. When it’s time to sell, your home’s outdoor lighting can offer a competitive advantage.

How To Use Landscape Lighting At Your Metro Detroit Home

Now that you know what exterior lighting can bring to your home, the next step is learning how to use it. There are different techniques to create different effects, depending on how you want your property to look all lit up. Here are some of our favorite techniques for using landscape lighting in Metro Detroit homes:

Highlight Specific Accents

All the effort you spent on landscaping shouldn’t disappear in the dark. Put a spotlight on individual features, such as a tree, bird bath, or other focal points.

Landscape Tree highlights

Illuminate Entire Areas

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, consider illuminating large areas so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun goes down. A wide-angle flood light can light up entire walls, patios, or small yards. Hang a few strings of lights on your patio for an enchanted look and feel. Or include a few downlights near your gutters or eaves to light large spaces around the house.

Illuminated Deck

Create Silhouettes

Backlighting a topiary or statue can add a soft aura to your home’s landscaping. The light creates an outline that offers an upscale look and feel. This technique is best for dense features that don’t require a lot of detail to enjoy.

Pathway Silouettes

LED Concepts is your source for the best outdoor lights in Metro Detroit. Let us design an outdoor lighting experience for your home ― get a quote today!

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