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Landscape Companies create flowing spaces and help you decide what plants or trees would do best for the look you’d like to achieve. They know about horticulture, proper care of grass and plant health. 

Professional Lighting Companies know correct design terms like creating focal points, perspective, depth and visual direction, shadows and contrast, light cohesion, patterns and texture. They are up to date on the latest technology and trends. They understand how long materials last because they see often replace them! They understand voltage drop, and size the equipment and wire appropriately. Professional lighting companies know the correct beam angles and wattages necessary to limit hot spots, glare, and light pollution. They have multiple suppliers to choose the correct application for the look you’re trying to achieve. 

A professionally installed lighting system should easily last 25+ years when you utilize a quality product and maintain it regularly. LED technology has made amazing progress in the last few years to provide bulb lifetimes that depending on use can last 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. 

Although the risks with lighting installation are very low, We are licensed and insured to cover ANY possible damage to your home and property. Furthermore, all of the fixtures we use meet UL listing requirements for outdoor or indoor installations. We work very closely with manufacturers and local codes to be sure our systems are properly installed. 

We are the most premier lighting contractor in Michigan, and we can prove it. We have an extensive list of references and a growing portfolio of creative designs. We won’t stop until we meet your lighting vision. We are not brand biased, only choosing quality/warranty led manufacturers and products that stand beside us, and you. 

Proper Light placement is determined by the overall design of the home and landscape features to provide even cohesion of light, and no “dark” or “missing” areas. 

Sidewalks are lit to create ambient light through reflection providing just enough light for safety and direction but not take away from the lighting portrait. 

Homes are emphasized on outer edges or corners to “Frame” the homes space and define its edges and texture. We also like to highlight the homes architectural features. 

Flower beds are great for providing visual interaction with structures of shrubs and flowers. 

Up lighting or downlighting Trees add vertical height and provide visual interest or indirect light for pathways or driveways. 

Quality, Availability, and Application. Try playing cards outdoors with a bright spotlight or step light glaring at you. Try traversing steps walking into a glare that’s spilling off the pool in at the top. We choose the correct fixtures and the correct placement to properly light your areas. Landscape and architectural fixtures are supposed to blend in with their environments, not be seen. Let’s pay attention to the effects, not the source. 

Proper lighting design: We all to often see “Runway Effects” with pathway lights, Overexposed home and landscape, or “Light Pollution by using too many fixtures or too many lumens. Quite often we see design elements of the home or landscape that are dark at night that need to be lit to achieve balance and cohesion of light. We won’t do the job unless we can do it in phases, or all at once. This is crucial to see these architectural elements come alive at night and compliment the overall design.  

Attention to detail: We pride ourselves to notice every detail of the installation and be sure to keep you as a homeowner in the loop. From modifications to your home or landscape, or modifications to the proposal to fit design. We’re going to make you a lighting critique too. Nothing is worse than a lack of communication with a contractor and having a different vision in mind to be disappointed. 

Absolutely! As long as it fits in the overall design, and we can work together on a proper solution we’d be happy to put our name on! 

We are one of the few companies that will demo our design before you even pay us a deposit! Before we install, your installer will walk you through every fixture location and any modifications necessary to your home and landscape.  Before you pay your final invoice, we will do a site walk through and talk about each fixture and the effect it produces. We will align and point out modifications made to your home or landscape as discussed so you can see for yourself. You will receive a proposal of your home, a photo of its completed design, as well as any user manuals, or smart option setups. 

We would be happy to go over what’s needed to keep this system lasting forever and in good order. We also offer a yearly maintenance plan to look after your system between seasons.

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