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Advanced Lighting Design

Complete Lighting Design & zoning

This is the ultimate package. Want a solution that’s going to make your Metro Detroit home the talk of the neighborhood? This is the solution for you. With this solution comes basic architectural and landscape lighting, hardscape and deck lighting you get in the first two package tiers, but also you get the ability to apply zoning and have granular control of each lighting zone(ex: Pool, Patio, Front Yard etc). Want to create unique lighting experiences for each area of your property? This is the solution for you!

Front Lights showcasing home

What about all that light by my windows?

With zoning you can dim individual lights to a certain percentage, at a specific time, automatically. 


How the heck did you do that?

We can put a light almost anywhere thats necessary to fit the design. 

Driveway Well Lighting
Strip Lighting

Do you guys do strip lighting?

Yup! Linear/Strip lighting provides a modern look for your home. 

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