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Alex Berry brought LED Concepts to life with a simple and very straightforward objective; To be unique, creative, and produce an upscale and luxury feeling from any perspective. Alex brings years of low-voltage electrical and photon experience with UV Light and color science. He takes pride in being someone that will talk to you about lights and technology for hours always wanting to learn about new designs and new technology.

LED Concepts stands out from ANY other lighting supplier, electrician, builder or contractor because we ONLY do lighting and smart services. Someone who builds your deck, might not have the best vision for designing your lighting. Someone who wires your home, might not be the best at choosing fixtures tailored to your design or be up to date on modern trends. Someone who designs and installs your landscape, might not have the attention to detail necessary to wire and install a lighting system. LED Concepts works with the BEST suppliers of lighting and equipment to provide top notch service for ANY application. From simple retrofits, to one off custom projects, let us shed some light on the subject.

What We Offer

LED Concepts offers premium and upscale lighting concepts for any application within residential or commercial dwellings. We specialize in Low Voltage Landscape, Architectural, Under-Cabinet Lighting, and general ambient, accent, and task lighting for ANY space.

Landscape Lights Sidewalk

Landscape Lighting

Fall in love with your landscape at night with landscape lighting from LED Concepts. Each design is unique to YOUR landscape and needs.

Outside House Lighting

Architectural Lighting

You love your home during the day, but at night it can be STUNNING! Stand out from the rest and become the focal point of your neighborhood with lighting from LED Concepts.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under/Over Cabinet Lighting

Promote cleanliness, a modern look, and useful accent lighting within your kitchen with under or over cabinet lighting from LED Concepts

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